to Provides Unique Benefits
Leveraging Fundamental Forces of Nature


Versatility & Superior performance with Minimal Environmental Impact


Biotechnature is an import and distribution company located at La Ciotat Shipyards, part of the metropolitan area of Marseille - Provence, France.
Biotechnature’s primary purpose is to search and bring forth a diversified selection of manufacturers specialized in cleaning and protection products issued from breakthrough technology and green chemistry providing improved chemical performance replacing traditional chemistries that are harmful to the user and the environment. 

Biotechnature bridges the traditionally higher cost of green technology by offering more cost effective and time saving alternatives that perform as well as, and in many cases outperform, traditional technologies.Versatility and superior performance to reduce costs and environmental impact is our ultimate goal.

All our products comply with all international and domestic environmental regulations, i.e. MARPOL ANNEX V, NPDES, ISO 9000-9001 and ISO 14000-14001 and often surpass the toughest and most strict requirements.


Green chemistry, also called sustainable chemistry, is an area of chemistry and chemical engineering focused on the design of products and processes that minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances.
Whereas environmental chemistry focuses on the effects of polluting chemicals on nature, green chemistry focuses on technological approaches to preventing pollution and reducing consumption of non-renewable resources.


Our selections of products provide customers with solutions for the removal or reduction of rust, greases, oils, odors, mold, waste water and more. We also provide long lasting treatment and protection for surfaces such as glass, wood, metal paint.

The Kanberra® Group – 100% natural air purification products made with pharmaceutical grade Tree Tea Oil (melaleuca alternifolia) from Australia.

RUST 100 - Provides a complete line of cleaning, maintenance and preservation products for marine, automobile, industrial and household applications. Caustic chemicals and acids are replaced by safer and better performing products.