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Biotechnature® provides multiple industries with versatile products that offer superior performance, cost efficiency, and minimal environmental impact. Biotechnature works very closely with manufacturers that specialize in the formulation of cleaning, sanitizing, and maintenance products which can involve breakthrough technology and green chemistry. In short, our goal is to find you safer cleaning solutions that cause the least damage and impact on our environment.

“ The environment is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.” – Lady Bird Johnson

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Alain D. (Accell Clean)
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I own a rather old boat that often leaks oil in the bilge and your miracle product is very effective for cleaning and odors .... I'm also impressed with your product for cleaning diesel fuel !
Pat S. (Kanberra Gel)
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Very good product, boaters in the Marina love this for removing musty smell from their boats. Also, great if purchasing a used car to remove previous owners smoke smell.
Arnold H. (Kanberra Gel)
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It is a great product. We have been using it for five years on our 40' trawler with great results. I am very sensitive to mold and this product keeps the boat mold free. We live next to a river and also use it in the house with the same great results.
Susan O. (Kanberra Spray)
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This spray has multi-uses, not only do I use it in the air but I also spray on surfaces. Awesome product!
Germin C. (Mar Nat) (HC4040)
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I'm going back over the sample you gave me when you delivered the (rust remover) on 10 September. During the technical stop of our vessel "Gentiane", the mechanics cleaned the engine holds with your HC4040 degreaser. (photos attached) This product was very successful, saving us a lot of time but above all respecting the environment, as we maintain the vessel in the port of Hyères. We hope to see this product again very soon in 'batch 7' with the rust remover DC-100, so that we can order more.
Stéphanie M. (Kanberra Gel)
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In my daughter's dormitory, there was a very bad smell coming from the drains. Although we weren't able to solve the main problem, Kanberra Gel completely eliminated the smell. I highly recommend this product for any odour problem.

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