Kanberra® is on the constant search for new ideas and developments for the use of their 100% natural pharmaceutical grade Tea Tree Oil from Australia. This time they have decided to help athletes and non-athletes alike target a sensitive issue: skin chaffing.

The Anti-Chafe Cream was developed after several years of research, tests and trials with the help of hardcore triathletes. Result: Kanberre® has a new partnership with Suunto Multisport Team! This is a tremendously talented group of professional and amateur triathletes and trail runners from North America. The new Anti-Chafe Cream is consistently put to the test on the 100 mile trail races, the 16 hour triathlons and some other rugged sporting events.

You too can put it to the test and you don’t need to run nor cycle 100 miles to see or feel the results. For help against wetsuit chaffing to the simple prevention or relief of blisters, kanberra’s Anti-Chafe Cream can be used almost anywhere on your body where you run the risk of developing a rash! . It can even sooth and remove dry skin and flakes. Fast drying and non-greasy. Stay tuned.

“Anti-Friction Cream is a really good product ! as a 2nd engineer I am forever getting small cuts and scrapes on my hands as well as dirt and other muck, after using this product my hands have been healing quicker and it also acts as a barrier cream keeping a lot of the dirt out of my skin. I would recommend this product to engineers and deck crew.” Mitch C. MY Gazzella II

“ I work as a Chef aboard a yacht in the Caribbean. This means hot environments, lots of getting in and out of the water and a fast pace at work. All of this means that I can be hot and sweaty a large part of the day. Over time this can cause some irritation around sensitive areas, which can be annoying to say the least. Then I was told about Taint Paint (Anti Chafe Cream) while I was ordering some more Kanberra Gel for the yacht (If you have a yacht you should check out Kanberra Gel too, the stuff is great!). I was told about how it was developed for cyclists to help with groin irritation. So I ordered a tub of Taint Paint, began using it and noticed improvements straight away. The product is easy to apply and leaves almost a powder-like feeling in the area despite it being a cream. The relief is almost immediate and lasts for hours. Within 5 days all signs of irritation had cleared up. I also used the product on a small fungal infection between two of my toes, applying a small layer each day. 10 days later the infection was gone and my feet have never been better. Despite the name, this product is good on any part of the skin that needs soothing. A fellow crew mate using the cream on chapped lips and he says it works much better than regular lip balms. I see this product as an essential part of my daily regime. If you are active, sporty, hiker, etc. or work in a hot environment I cannot recommend Taint Paint (Anti-Chafe Cream) highly enough. “ ROB. Yacht Chef.