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What is Accell Clean® Marine ?

Accell Clean® is a product based on refined fermentation-derived bioactive stress proteins* that are formulated with surfactants.

In other words, Accell® products affect bacterial metabolism to accelerate the breakdown by oxidation (digestion) of organic contaminants such as fats, oils, grease, diesel, dirt etc.
*Saccharomyces cerevisiae

How does Accell Clean® Work ?

When Accell Clean® is introduced to an organic contaminant, the existing bacteria is “tricked” into believing it will die.

To continue existing the bacteria will accelerate its eating “frenzy” digesting the contaminants more rapidly and producing more bacteria which will proliferate and increase the metabolization of the waste, which means in a wastewater treatment plant for example, there is a significant reduction on sludge volume and odor due to the increase in the CFU or bacteria population. The same would be true for a home system.

Biofilm protects bacteria from bactericidal chemicals, antibiotics, and most cleaning products, providing a barrier.

This protection of biofilm increases in size and is the cause of eventual blockages and bad odors.
It is the most important factor for the performance degradation of reverse osmosis (RO) membranes and other filters.

Accell Clean® technology penetrates through the barrier releasing the trapped bacteria which will continue to breakdown the fats, oils and greases, eventually wiping out the biofilm. Using Accell will prevent the biofilm from forming. It will prevent odors.

The “Keeps On Working” phenomena of Accell Clean®

The combined Biological and Surfactancy solution means that the wastewater processing starts at the point of use for cleaners. The moment that Accell Clean® is used for cleaning, the existing bacteria is activated and begins to digest, reproduce, proliferate, and eliminate the contaminants.

Everything in touch with the cleaning solutions will undergo the same process in its path. Pipes and drains will be cleaned without any necessary agitation. The result is the complete removal of grease and oils from pipes, tiles, pores, and grout, yielding a cleaner appearance and a healthy wastewater treatment system.

The costs to maintain working sewage systems, both industrial and home, can be exorbitant. Accell Clean® can reduce those operating and maintenance costs dramatically, essentially for free, by starting the breakdown of oils, greases, fats and more as they are poured down the drain or toilets after cleaning.

Accell Clean® is non-toxic and biodegradable, producing no environmentally detrimental compounds during the process.

What are some of the other uses for Accell Clean®?

  • Wastewater
  • Industrial & household applications*
  • Greasy floors and Grease Traps
  • Oil Platform & Oil Spill clean-up

*Odor elimination

An exemple with Accell Clean® Treatment

Wastewater lagoon / Clark County, Nevada
Sanitation District

Before treatment

Wastewater lagoon / Clark County, Nevada
Sanitation District

After treatment at 3 ppm for 3 months

Before / After


ACCELL CLEAN® MARINE for a healthier
and more environmentally friendly world