Kanberra® Products

for many uses


  • Kanberra Gel keeps air fresh inside all vehicles, including collector cars and food delivery trucks.
  • Gel protects during car storage.
  • Protects interiors against expensive damage caused by humidity.
  • Easy to use. NO mess, simply open the jar.
  • Effective against stale cigarette smoke odors.
  • Kanberra Spray works to fight odors instantly.

Recreational Vehicle

  • Place gel in or near A/C units, storage lockers and more.
  • Kanberra products protect your RV adding to its resale/trade-in value.

Auto and RV Storage :

While the vehicle is in use or in storage, Kanberra Gel® helps protect against airborne spores.  then prevents it from coming back. As it settles i also removes impurities from carpets, seats and all other interior surfaces. That means easier clean-up, no wiping of chemicals,etc.

  • Ideal for storage of vintage cars, campers, trailers and boats

All Around the Home

  • Place gel in just about any room for ongoing protection – bedrooms, closets, basements, office, pet areas and many other places. ANYWHERE odors can generate from mold, mildew, cooking, tobacco, hampers etc…


Kanberra products are effective in combating pet odors without harming your furry friends.
  • An affordable solution to odor problems associated with pets, from cat litter boxes to wet dogs to pets beds.
  • Tea Tree Oil helps repel fleas and ticks.
  • Effective against reptile odor but safe for use around birds.


Kanberra products safely and efficiently remove stubborn odors and debris from athletic gear (clothing and footwear) and equipment. They are best placed in kids’ lockers and dressing rooms, closets, on shoe racks, and anywhere odor could be an issue. Also ideal for health clubs, sports complexes and golf courses to protect against bad odors.

  • Easily removes odors from lockers and equipment bags, from hockey and football to baseball and lacrosse.
  • Spray provides all-natural odor removal in an instant.

Hotels & Real Estate

  • Convenient gel containers are easy to set in an unnoticeable place within the room.
  • The gel continually works whether or not the room is occupied.
  • Commercial and residential real estate companies use Kanberra Gel®to keep apartments fresh between leases, during open houses, etc.


Gel is placed within the air handling units or an inconspicuous place in the cabin – air is cleaner and healthier, as the gel neutralizes odors and impurities.

  • Forced and natural air flow activates the gel’s vapors throughout the craft.
  • Protects HVAC components from mildew and mold growth – save on upkeep costs.
  • Penetrates porous materials and provides long-lasting protection.
  • Effective in eliminating strong engine or diesel smells below deck.

Typical Marine Air
Handler Placement

Kanberra Gel® in your heating & cooling system’s air handler.

  • Place in the air handler of an HVAC system and the gel will work throughout the house.
  • College dorms – Kanberra Gel® helps control odors in those less-than-clean college dorm rooms. Kanberra Spray® gets rid of dorm smells in an instant.
  • Storage spaces such from closets and attics to sheds and other storage areas
  • Outdoor gear – Tents and camping gear, coolers and picnic baskets, tool chests and more. The list is virtually endless.
  • Antiques and collectibles – Protect valuable books, magazines and other collectibles from mold and mildew when you store with Kanberra Gel®.

Kanberra® Products

kanberra® products, for a whole range of applications
in everyday life