Choose Your Weapon

So, you’ve settled on the right product* for the job at hand. But are you sure you’ve chosen the right delivery system?

Sprayers come in many different forms, shapes and sizes. They also come built to withstand different chemicals and some offer adjustable nozzles to control the spray debit in relation to the surface being treated. There are also foggers with adjustable droplet sizes that can emit a fine mist into the air to decontaminate large spaces. Electrostatic sprayers emit electrically charged droplets into the air which become attracted to their opposites, which is to say everything by offering a wrap-around technology helping to access inaccessible or hard to reach areas which saves a lot of time and product. Be sure that the product you intend to use doesn’t harm the interior components.
So, before choosing a sprayer, find out what’s out there and what model could best suit you. Choosing the right one will offer you better results, save you a lot of time and money.

*if possible, choose a cleaning product that comes in 10L or 20L. This helps save space, you use less plastic and is more cost effective.

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